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Lunch and Learn - Compassion Fatigue: The Path to Resilience

Presented by Sumitra Price, RVT, CVPM, CCFP (Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional)

  • Virtual or Live Presentation
  • 1 CE credit for DVMs and Technicians


Compassion Fatigue has always been an issue in the medical field. Still, it has only recently been discussed openly due to the increase in veterinary professional suicide rates and the effects of life‑changing events like the pandemic.

Everyone has experienced compassion fatigue on some level. This presentation will help you understand how to recognize the physiological and psychological effects of compassion fatigue, where it derives from, and provide options on how to regulate it consciously — which is vital to a person’s ability to maintain their mental health in the veterinary field.

Lunch and Learn - CPR For the Veterinary Professional

Presented by Amber Craddock Eggers, RVT, VTS (ECC)

  • Live Presentation
  • 1.5 CE credits for DVMs and Technicians


This course will educate the veterinary professional on the latest techniques in veterinary CPR. The hands-on lab will enable each participant to assess an unresponsive patient rapidly, practice proper form for chest compressions and determine appropriate ventilation choices.

Lunch and Learn - Practical Guidance for Working with Clients with a Mental Health Condition

Presented by Sarah Hoggan, DVM, Medical Director, Practice Limited to Emergency and Critical Care

  • Live Presentation
  • 1 CE credit for DVMs and Technicians


This presentation explains why clients with mental health challenges can be challenging and time-consuming. It offers communication techniques, treatment strategies, and discusses common misconceptions about mental health clients. Finally, it offers some fundamental safety techniques that can be utilized by hospitals that do not require financial outlay or building modification.

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