If you’re wondering where to take your pet for his or her dental treatments, you have the opportunity to use the highly educated and experienced staff at VCA Cordova through Sacramento Veterinary Dental Services (SacVDS). General practitioners of veterinary medicine are skilled and well suited to care for your pet’s general needs, but when it comes to the teeth and oral care, they may not have the tools or the experience to perform the dental procedure your pet needs.

At SacVDS, patient care is our priority and our recommendations are made in the interest of improving your pet’s quality of life. We have the resources and the staff to give your pet state-of-the-art treatments. Please explore the services we offer to see how your pet could benefit from our expertise, and contact us if you have any questions.

If you are a veterinarian in our community, please explore the additional services we offer on our Referrals page.

At SacVDS, we offer:

• Dental X-rays and Diagnostics
• Periodontal Treatment and Surgery
• Root Canal Therapy
• Oral Surgery and Extractions
• Crowns and Restorative Dentistry
• Malocclusions and Orthodontic Treatments
• Feline Dentistry