Primary Care

Spays and Neuters

VCA Meadow Hills is committed to making your pet's surgery as safe, comfortable, and stress-free as possible. We include these steps in our procedures for all dogs and cats.

  • Thorough exam by a doctor before the procedure
  • Individualized anesthetic and pain management plans for each pet
  • Best quality anesthetic agents
  • Close monitoring by a technician using a pulse oximeter, EKG and respiratory monitor throughout the procedure
  • IV catheter and fluids to keep blood pressure at a safe level
  • Circulating warm water pad and warm air pillow to reduce the risk of hypothermia
  • Use of surgical laser to reduce bleeding, post operative pain and swelling
  • Sterile operating suite
  • Best quality suture material
  • Post-op monitoring by a trained hospital assistant to keep your pet clean and comfortable

We work hard to keep our prices for spays and neuters as low as possible without compromising the high level of service, safety and comfort we provide to your pets and thereby to you. Doesn't your pet deserve the best?