Advanced Care

Advanced care services go above and beyond a general hospital visit for pets. Advanced services may be items such as specialized surgeries, eye treatment, diagnostic imaging, ultrasound, or therapies. Please click on any of the subheadings listed below to learn more about our services in advanced care.

Available Services
  • EKGs are performed in-house at VCA Meadow Hills. When finished, all EKGs are sent to Cardiopet, a veterinary consultation service, where a board-certified cardiologist will interpret results and work with our doctors to provide the best ???????next step??????? for your pet.

    .... Read more

  • Video endoscopy is invaluable for our patients who require in-depth exploration of the ears, esophagus, stomach,colon,and deep wounds or for biopsies of major abdominal organs.

    Endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic medical procedure that is used to assess the interior surfaces of an organ by inserting a tube into the body. It is an essential diagnostic tool for pets with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.... Read more

  • Why Laser Surgery

    • Less Pain - Laser energy seals nerve endings as it moves through tissue. Your pet will feel less pain post-operatively.
    • Less Bleeding - The laser seals small blood vessels during surgery, which allows your doctor to perform surgeries with extraordinary precision.... Read more

  • Pregnancy and Breeding Services

    We share in your excitement, and in your worries, about having a special litter of puppies or kittens.

    We are highly experienced in using ovulation timing to determine when to breed. We also can evaluate the fertility of your stud dog and assist in the breeding process.... Read more