Pet Counseling

Obedience Training

Puppy STAR training classes are a lot of fun for you and for your puppy. It will make a lifetime difference! You will both be surprised how much you really learn while you are playing with your puppy in our classes. This eight-week Puppy Training Class follows the American Kennel Club STAR program for dog obedience, which revolves around (S)socialization, (T) training, (A) activity, (R) responsibility.

Early, puppy-style training, at a young age, when their concentration span is so short, involves more socialization and problem solving. As your puppy develops its ability to focus, we work on more obedience training. Young puppies are learning all the time, so we play a lot of games to teach them more concepts than the specific exercise training you find in traditional adult obedience classes. In addition to learning about your puppy and how it learns, you will receive the latest veterinary information from VCA Meadow Hills about general health care for your dog.

"I have been a dog trainer for over 40 years, and puppy classes are not only the most fun, but the most rewarding type of class," says instruction Leslie Couch. "Even though it seems we play most of the way through them, if you work with your pup at home, you will find that at the end of eight weeks your pup will know everything that is taught in an adult class. Our goal is to help you redirect troublesome behaviors before they become major problems. I hope that you will find this a very fun and rewarding experience."

New classes begin each month. Call us to learn about dates and fees for our next session.