Our Veterinary Services

We're proud of our efforts to offer a difference you can experience. Your pet's comfort and safety are our primary concerns.

The Exam Room Experience - One on One Attention

One of our friendly exam room assistants will greet you and your pet in the reception area and remain with both of you through your entire visit, to help you receive the answers to your questions, to cuddle your pet through its exam, to provide information on doctor findings or recommendations. This assistant is here to make your visit both pleasant and informative as possible.

The Nose-to-Tail Exam

We will need to know as much as we can about your pet to enable us to know what your pet needs and doesn't need! We'll want to know what type of foods and treats your pet eats, where your pet visits geographically, what type of exercise and activities your pet participates in. One of our very kind veterinarians will perform a comprehensive nose-to-tail examination. Our dogs and cats are able to hide a lot of 'secrets' about their health and well being. We believe a thorough veterinary exam is essential to keeping your pet healthy. In addition, we often recommend early detection blood work to help us discover and treat problems in the early stages, before they become serious and possibly life-threatening. At VCA Meadow Hills, we strongly believe that optimum health for your pet can only be achieved when the pet's owner/guardian and veterinarian work in concert to serve the pet's best interests.

Exam Room Goals

During your pet’s annual wellness examination, we will work with you to develop a wellness plan that will work with your lifestyle to keep your pet healthy, active and comfortable for as long as possible. If the focus of your visit is illness or injury, we will thoroughly explain all diagnostics and treatments recommended and why. Pain control will always addressed and included in your pet's treatment plan.

Investing in Technology

VCA Meadow Hills continues to invest in technology and equipment keeping it up-to-date and a leader in the veterinary industry.

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