Pet Boarding

Enrichment Services

Our caring and compassionate staff is happy to provide extra enrichment services to your pet during their boarding stay. See below for enrichment options!


Doggy Day Care
Enroll your best friend in Doggy Day Care! This can be added on to their boarding stay as a daily enrichment service or you can drop them off just for the day to romp and play with friends in our large playroom complete with agility equipment, loads of safe toys and an outside area for fresh air. Day campers receive tons of personal attention from our playland leaders as they get to know their fellow doggy playmates and you will have peace of mind knowing they are having a good time. Your dog must be a non-aggressive, good playmate to be enrolled and spayed/neutered by 6 months of age.

Each 4 hour block (half day) of daycare play is $29.67 or it is only $42.07 for a whole day of play!

Extra Walks
An extra walk each day to help increase exercise and allow your dog another time to go to the bathroom. $24.58

Personal Cuddle/Exercise Time
Off-lead play and exercise in our outdoor exercise yard with K-9 grass Astro-turf surface. Focused on individual pet with personal handling, petting, and talking to encourage your pet to relax and feel secure. Not for 8’ fence jumpers. $27.34

Yappy Hour
Each day our staff provides premium treats/doggy biscuits to dogs during Yappy Hour. $12.97

Pampered Pooch Package
Our Pampered Pooch Package includes one extra walk, a one-on-one time, and Yappy Hour. $38

Puppy/Senior Package
Our puppy/senior package includes two extra walks per day and Yappy Hour. $38



Feline Cuddle/One-on-One Playtime
Focused on individual cat with personal handling, petting, talking and catering to encourage your kitty to relax and feel secure. $27.34