Pet Counseling

Nutritional Counseling

It is thought that up to 54% of domesticated animals are considered obese. VCA Todds Lane Animal Hospital is well are of the growing problems that overfeeding, lack of exercise and improper nutritional choices are creating for our pets.

Unlike humans, a few extra pounds is quite detrimental to a dog or cat’s health. Animals suffer from the same weight-related diseases as humans such as high blood pressure, diabetes and joint dysfunction. VCA Todds Lane Animal Hospital carries a wide variety of foods aimed to keeping your pet healthy and trim. If your pet is in need of a “diet”, we carry lean-protein foods aimed at giving your pet all the nutrients they need as well as tasty treats for rewards. Our staff will help you with proper portion control and adequate exercise time for your pet.

Improper food choices are also a great concern for VCA Todds Lane Animal Hospital and its staff. Animals do not possess the same digestive enzymes as humans, therefore human foods are not great choices for animals. These include cooked meat bones, grapes, chocolate, some greens, dairy products and even undercooked meats. When animals eat these items they can suffer from gastrointestinal distress and diarrhea. It is always best to feed your animal food that is formulated for their optimal health.

Some pets suffer from allergies to food and VCA Todds Lane Animal Hospital is well equipped to help your pet. We are able through some minor investigative work to find their food allergy and formulate an eating plan to keep your pet from suffering from allergic reactions. Our hospital carries hypoallergenic foods and treats.

Please schedule an appointment with VCA Todds Lane Animal Hospital to get your pet in the best of health!