Advanced Care


If your pet has itchy skin that goes beyond normal scratching associated with animals, they may be suffering from allergies. VCA Todds Lane Animal Hospital is very experienced in treating severe allergic reactions in pets that can cause constant scratching, hair loss, and poor quality of life for suffering animals. Allergies in pets have similar causes to those found in people including food allergies, atopic dermatitis, and contact allergens such as grass or pollen. In addition, pets can also suffer an allergic reaction when bitten by fleas.

In the past, steroids and antihistamines were they only options for pets suffering from allergic conditions. Fortunately veterinary medicine has advanced greatly over the last several years, and new treatments such as sublingual immunotherapy and new medications have made allergic conditions in pets much more manageable and safer to control. Oral sublingual immunotherapy involves placing small amounts of allergens in the mouth of the pet in order to build up resistance when they encounter this particular substance. New oral allergy medications now exist for dogs that are extremely safe and effective for both short and long-term use.

The veterinarians at Todds Lane have successfully treated skin cases for years, and they will bring their experience and care to your pet’s dermatology needs as well. If you feel your pet may be suffering from allergies, call one of the compassionate team members at VCA Todds Lane Animal Hospital to schedule your pet’s appointment.