Primary Care

Euthanasia Services

VCA Todds Lane Animal Hospital prides itself on taking great care of pets from the beginning to the end of their lives. We know that our pets are members of our families and imagining life without them seems impossible. In cases where further treatments will not bring any cure or prolong life significantly, our doctors recommend hospice care. Hospice care treats symptoms of illness and provides pain management to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. Hospice is a great alternative when you are not ready to say goodbye to your pet and would like more quality time with them.

Once you and your family are ready to say goodbye and let your pet pass on, the staff at VCA Todds Lane Animal Hospital will be there to comfort you. We know that at this moment compassion and sympathy will help you through this difficult decision and process. When our veterinarians administer the medicine to put your pet to sleep, there are a couple of steps. First, a sedative will be given to calm your pet and let them relax. Next a drug will be given that stops your pet’s breathing and finally a drug to stop their heart. This is a very peaceful and uneventful process that will not have your pet in any pain. You will be allowed to stay with them the entire time and will have time with them afterwards until you are ready to leave.