Advanced Care

Digital Radiology

The ability of a veterinarian to take quality radiographs (X-rays) has been improved dramatically over the last several years. One particular advancement has been the digital x-ray, which is much clearer than older film version and can be seen in seconds by a veterinarian. VCA Todds Lane Animal Hospital understands the need for not only superior diagnostic imaging but the effectiveness of having almost immediate test results when your pet is in pain or very ill.

X-rays are an extremely important diagnostic tool for veterinarians, aiding in locating internal injuries including fractures and foreign bodies, as well as tumor identification, uncovering upper respiratory infections and determining organ size in the event of disease. The digital x-ray unit at Todds Lane produces much clearer images that can be manipulated, meaning fewer retakes. The radiograph images can also be emailed to a specialist if needed, saving valuable time. Finally, the images are ready for our veterinarians in seconds, meaning they can begin immediate treatment if necessary.

VCA Todds Lane Animal Hospital is committed to the most advanced technologies available for the best possible outcome for our furry family members. In conjunction with diagnostic lab work, ultrasound and surgery our diagnostic service is unparalleled in the Hampton area for our clients.