Primary Care

Pain Management

Diagnosing pain in an animal takes a trained eye and a great knowledge of animal behavior. The doctors and staff at VCA Todds Lane Animal Hospital have spent years staying up to date on the latest testing and treatments for all types of pain. Animals tend to hide their pain due to their ancient instincts of protecting themselves from predators. Some signs an animal is in pain include: lethargic movements, increased sleeping, decrease in appetite, unable to stay still, whimpering and in some extreme cases: aggressiveness.

If your pet seems to be in pain, our staff will assess your pet and determine where the pain is stemming from, such as the leg or stomach. Once the problem has been treated, your pet may be put on oral medications to decrease their pain until they are fully healed. If the pain your pet is experiencing is considered chronic or due to advanced age then our doctors may recommend several forms of pain management. This may include oral and topical medications, specialized exercise, surgery or even our LASER therapy.

If you suspect your pet is suffering from pain, please contact the staff at VCA Todds Lane Animal Hospital to schedule an assessment as soon as possible.