Preventive Care


Millions of pets are lost every year. While all dogs and cats should have an identification tags, they can fall off or be removed easily .In recent disasters microchips have proven to be a valuable aid in returning lost pets to their homes.

How it works

Microchips are small transponders that operate on radio frequencies to track your pets. The sterile transponder that contains an ID code unique to your pet. The chip is implanted under the skin between the right and left shoulder blade.

If your pet is lost or picked up, your pet will be scanned for a microchip. The scanner will capture your information allowing for authorities to contact you about your pet’s location. Animal agencies, humane societies and veterinarians use scanners.

Home Again Brand®
We use Home Again® brand microchips. To microchip your pet, contact us at (757)826-7602 today to schedule an appointment!