Advanced Care

Laser Surgery

VCA Todds Lane Animal Hospital was one of the first veterinary hospitals in Virginia to use this LASER technology. Our doctors have been performing laser surgery for over 10 years. The use of our carbon dioxide LASER largely replaces the scalpel in our office. The main advantages to using LASER is that it seals blood vessels and nerves to decrease both bleeding during the procedure and pain and swelling during recovery. Because LASER sterilizes as it works infectious are minimized. Our desire is to provide your pet the best health care possible, combining the latest advances in veterinary procedures with a personal commitment to your pets’ health.

• LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
• A LASER is a device that generates an intense beam of light.
• Our carbon dioxide LASER produces an invisible beam, which heats and vaporizes tissue almost instantaneously. That is done so precisely that normal surrounding tissues are hardly affected. Studies report that there is less pain during and after LASER surgery.
• With LASER the after -effects of surgery, such as pain, swelling, and drainage, are usually significantly reduced.

If surgery is considered necessary for treatment of your pet, please ask one of our staff for more information on how LASER can be used as an option during surgery.