Advanced Care

Advanced Dental Care

Sometimes pets have dental problems that require more extensive care (i.e., extraction) than simple cleaning. Dental x-rays aid in identifying teeth that need to be extracted and aid in evaluation of periodontal disease and other oral problems. There is a great deal of value in dental radiography as there are still things that we cannot see without them. Not long ago we had pet that was adopted from the Humane Society and was in need of a routine dental cleaning. The owner opted for full mouth dental x-rays and we found that the entire mouth had pellets wedged in the teeth from a pellet gun. Without doing the full mouth x-rays, no one would have known the underlying mystery inside the pets mouth. Also, we have the dental sealant SANOS available to support the healthy oral cavity of your pets mouth. It is a sealant that we apply all around the tooth and gum line to ensure up to 6 months of protecting the teeth against gingivitis. There are a lot of pet owners out there who have trouble brushing the teeth or keeping up with brushing their pet's teeth so the sealant is a great way of easy dental care. At your convenience we carry oral hygiene kits that include toothbrush and toothpaste, oral rinses, and a drinking water additive to help keep the teeth clean and prolong any signs of periodontal disease.