Primary Care

Routine Surgeries

We perform many minor surgeries from spay and neutering to tumor removals. We can schedule a surgery any day Monday through Friday, and even last minute scheduling the night before. Usually with routine surgery there is no overnight stay, your pet may arrive early in the morning and come back home that evening. If you would like to leave your pet for an overnight stay we can accommodate to your needs or even perform a surgery while you're out of town for vacation or business. We all know how busy your schedule may be during the week so you can drop your pet off the night before too if there is a surgery planned for the following day. Using the laser is an option for any routine surgery that will take the place of the scalpel. This procedure offers less pain on your pet following surgery, less swelling, erases unhealthy tissue, and has less bleeding that may occur during operation. Antibiotics and pain medicine are administered to your pets as standard procedure to ensure your pet is more comfortable, and to help minimize any signs of infection. During surgery, your pet is placed on a heated water pad and a heated cage afterwards to ward off hypothermia. We also use IV catheters to help aid while your pet is under anesthesia. This gives us direct access to your pet's vein to administer medications if needed. Fluids are given to your pet for the full length of the procedure to filter liver and kidneys and keep our patients blood pressure elevated. We monitor your pet's heart and oxygen levels constantly in case of any abnormalities. You are always welcome to call us anytime to check on the status of your furry loved one.