Primary Care

Allergy and Itchy Skin Relief

Allergies and itchy skin can show a variety of symptoms. Some may include scratching, hair loss, ear infections, chewing at the skin, red patches of skin, and bad odor. All of these things must be treated by a veterinarian, and with the right medications or antibiotics allergies may be controlled. Itchy skin may not be caused just by allergies, but also fleas or lice, skin infections, and even dry skin. The Dr may need to look under the microscope too to rule out any possibilities of mites. We carry various shampoos that can help relieve dry and itchy skin like our Oatmeal and Aloe shampoo. Or you can even bring your pet in for us to bathe in one of our special shampoos and conditioners. If administering medications is something that is not fun for both you and your pet we can have you try one of our prescription diets with 100% satisfaction guarantee. There is special food available that is specifically made for skin conditions that carry proteins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that help relieve and put off another outbreak on the skin. Allergies and itchy skin are not fun for your pet; here at our hospital we will work together to make sure you and your pet are more comfortable.