Preventive Care

Preventive Medicine

Preventive care is a top priority in our hospital. We want to make sure your pet is undergoing the best quality health care that you and your pet are able to receive. Yearly vaccinations are essential to your pet's health needs, and we will set your pet up on a routine schedule to administer boosters in a timely manner. Vaccines are available to protect pets against high-risk diseases. When properly vaccinated, your pet's immune system begins to produce antibodies that help fight against bacteria and viruses trying to make them sick. Yearly blood work can often detect many unseen threats to your pet's health. Also, keeping your pets on monthly heartworm prevention will help protect their body against heartworms infestation; the treatment for heartworms can be harsh and expensive. In order to avoid heartworm treatment, we recommend keeping your pet on inexpensive and easily dispensed heartworm prevention. Additionally, yearly heartworm testing is required to ensure that your pet is heartworm free. You will also want to keep your pet on flea prevention. Here in San Antonio our warm weather make fleas on going pests that are hard to control with out protection. We carry a variety of flea preventions; you may choose whichever one best fits your pet and lifestyle.