Primary Care

Full Diagnostics

Full Diagnostics are used because our pets cannot tell us what is wrong when they are sick. We have the availability to run certain panels of lab work and tests in order to get the full insight on your pet's health. Lab work is recommended yearly in order to detect and prevent signs of any illness that can only be seen by a blood panel. Lab work is also recommended before we place any pet under anesthesia, while taking certain medications, suspecting a health problem, or just as a routine check up for your pet. For our adult patients we have various packages to suit your pet for their routine annual check up. This can include our Jr Wellness which does a complete blood cell count, blood chemistry profile that will check liver and kidney functions, and a heartworm test that will detect any signs of heartworm disease. You may also want to add on a urinalysis that can spot anything that may result into a urinary infection, crystals, or urinary stones. This also comes at a discounted price when combined with lab work for your convenience. Our Best Care Check Up is a package that is set up to cover all your pets yearly needs of a physical exam, heartworm test, fecal testing for intestinal parasites, urinalysis, and lab work that will check everything internally recommended for adult pets. For our mature adult patients we have a Senior Wellness package that does a more thorough panel of blood work that will check everything internally that could pose a risk to your pets health. Our standard Senior Wellness package includes lab work that checks the complete blood cell count, blood chemistry profile, heartworm test, as well as liver, kidney, thyroid, and glucose. However, we have the option to our senior best care check up which will include all the necessary lab work in a Senior Wellness but will also consist of a fecal test for intestinal parasites, blood pressure check, 5 x-rays of your pets entire body, and we scan those x-rays to send off to our radiologist specialist for further evaluation on your pets health. It gives us great pride to know that we offer a range of diagnostic panels that will fit both you and your pets needs.