Advanced Care

Digital Radiology

We are proud to offer state-of-the-art Digital Radiology Services!

Sometimes, your veterinarian may recommend radiographic images to be taken of your pet, in order to help assess their internal health. Here at the hospital, we have a radiology room specially designed for the shooting radiographic images. Rather than using traditional photographic film x-rays, our hospital is equipped with new technology which allows us to create digital radiograpic images. These digital x-rays offer several advantages over traditional film x-rays including a much quicker processing time, a lower radiation exposure and higher resolution images. Additionally, digital radiographic images can be easily shared at the click of a button...making communication with any specialty care facilities quick and easy! 

Some of the diseases X-Rays can help to diagnose include:

Fractures in the Bone
Tumors and other forms of Cancer
Heart Enlargement and Congestive Heart Failure
Bladder and Kidney Stones
Stomach or Intestinal Foreign Bodies
Lung Diseases

Radiographic imaging is an important tool which gives your pet's doctor an overall view of your pet????????s health, and should be integrated into your senior pet????????s semi-annual wellness exam. If you have any questions about radiology and your pet, feel free to speak with one of our doctors or technicians!