Preventive Care

Preventive care services are performed to help pets avoid disease and sickness and to ensure that they remain healthy. These services include vaccinations, parasite control, wellness exams, and weight management. Please click on any of the subheadings listed below to learn more about our services in preventive care.

Available Services
  • Leon Springs Adult and Senior Wellness

    Did you know that pets age more rapidly than humans?

    Because our pets age at a quicker pace than we humans do, it is important that they receive appropriate preventative care, along with early detection screenings to identify any health concerns or diseases in their earliest stages.

    Pets aged 7 years or older should visit their veterinarian twice a year for wellness exams. These exams are the key to detecting any health problems that could endanger your pet.... Read more

  • Flea and Tick Control

    Even if your pet lives indoors, he or she could still be exposed to fleas and ticks!

    Fleas and ticks live in the environment all around us. Even pets that live indoors can become exposed when the parasites are carried in unknowingly on their owners clothing or on another pet. Consistent use of flea and tick prevention can spare you and your pet a headache!

    Fleas are one of the most common problems pet owners face - largely because they are so difficult to get rid of.... Read more

  • Microchipping

    Did you know that one in three pets becomes 'lost' in his or her lifetime?

    We have all seen the 'lost pet' signs affixed to lamp posts, pinned up at the local coffee shop or posted on Facebook. Although it is difficult to imagine that our own pets might ever find themselves the subject of a ‘Lost Pet’ poster, the reality is that one in three pets becomes lost in his or her lifetime.

    One of the best ways to help proactively protect is by having him or her microchipped.... Read more

  • Leon Springs Adult and Senior Wellness

    The first year of your puppy or kitten's life is one of the most important times in their development!

    Adopting a new kitten or puppy in to your home is exciting. . .... Read more

  • Parasite Control

    Did you know that some pathogenic parasites your pet could be exposed to can be transmitted to humans?

    Intestinal worms and other pathogenic parasites can be found in the environment all around us every day. Even pets who live indoors can become exposed to harmful parasites by soil tracked indoors on shoes, exposure to fleas or the ingestion of an infected host (such as a beetle or cricket).

    Because it is possible for an animal to be infected with parasites, and not show any symptoms, routine testing is very important for early detection.... Read more

  • Vaccinations

    Keeping your pet current in his or her vaccines is very important to their overall health!

    Vaccinations are just as important for our pets as they are for humans! Part of your pet’s annual Wellness Exam will include a consultation during which the doctor will assess your pet’s health, and help you to determine which vaccines should be administered. Proper administration and timing are very important when it comes to your pet’s vaccine health.

    Typically, healthy puppies and kittens begin their first round of vaccines between the ages of 6 and 8 weeks.... Read more

  • Weight Management

    Just a few extra pounds of weight can put Fluffy and Fido’s health at risk!

    Helping your pets maintain a healthy weight is an essential part of his or her overall health. Even a few extra pounds can put Fluffy and Fido at an elevated risk for developing health conditions like diabetes and osteoarthritis.

    Our entire team is here to help you keep your pets happy and healthy! Your pet’s veterinarian can perform an exam on your pet, during which he or she will assign your pet a Body Condition Score.... Read more

  • Wellness Exams

    Wellness Exams are a key part of keeping your pet healthy and happy.

    Wellness Exams not only help to flag any potential problems with your pet's health, but are also important in creating an overall medical history for your pet. By meeting regularly with your pet, your veterinarian is able to become better acquainted with his or her personal history, and is able to offer more personalized care.... Read more

  • Wellness Testing

    Our clinic has an in-house lab where our veterinarians can perform a number of diagnostic tests.  

    Sometimes, during the course of an exam, the doctor will recommend that samples be acquired, and test performed in order to help better assess your pet's health. While some of these tests must be performed at one of our Antech laboratory centers (not located within the hospital itself) -  others are able to be processed in-house, for even quicker results!

    .... Read more