Preventive Care

Flea and Tick Control

Even if your pet lives indoors, he or she could still be exposed to fleas and ticks!

Fleas and ticks live in the environment all around us. Even pets that live indoors can become exposed when the parasites are carried in unknowingly on their owners clothing or on another pet. Consistent use of flea and tick prevention can spare you and your pet a headache!

Fleas are one of the most common problems pet owners face - largely because they are so difficult to get rid of. A single female flea is capable of laying as many as 50 eggs in a single day, and can live (and breed!) on your pet for up to 100 days. That means that in that time, one female flea can lay as many as 5,000 eggs! These eggs can be transferred to the secondary environment when your pet lays on the carpet, or curls up in your bed. The eggs can lay dormant for up to 8 months before hatching. This usually means that eradicating an established flea population is a frustrating game of catch-up, which is time consuming, expensive and a hassle!

Besides causing pain and discomfort to your pets, fleas and ticks can potentially be carriers of a number of different zoonotic diseases, which are transmittable to humans.

Signs that your pet may have fleas include scratching, red and irritated skin, visible fleas or flea droppings (commonly known as ‘flea dirt’) – which looks like tiny black dots.

Thankfully, your veterinarian can prescribe one of several different kinds of flea and tick prevention to help keep you and your pet safe! When used regularly, these products effectively block against these bothersome parasites.

Together, you and your veterinarian can choose the right prevention for your pet to keep them happy and flea-free!