Advanced Care


Did you know that your pets can suffer from seasonal allergies just like people? 

Here in the Texas Hill Country, seasonal allergies are a nuisance for pets and humans alike. Allergens like oak pollen, mold, grasses and dust mites can cause your pet to suffer from allergies just like you do! So what do allergies have in common with dermatology? More than you might think! 

Animals suffering from allergies can experience symptoms similar to humans such as watery eyes or runny noses, but often times, these symptoms are joined by adverse reactions with the pet's skin. Excessive itching, hive-like bumps and redness can all be signs of an allergic reaction. Treatment for allergies often not only involves management of the symptoms themselves, but also requires specialized treatment of the skin to help repair damage and discomfort caused by the itchiness. 

In addition to allergy care, our team also offers care for other dermatological conditions like chronic dry skin, fungal infections, ear conditions and other common ailments.