ZooMED Animal Care

VCA Castle Shannon Animal Hospital welcomes a variety of pets to our practice. We offer full-service medical, surgical and dental care for all small mammals and ZooMED. While pocket pets and ZooMED can experience a variety of medical problems, the most important issues that veterinarians see are related to their husbandry and nutrition. Whether it’s a consult regarding a specific ailment that your guinea pig has or you have questions regarding the best diet or habitat to keep your reptile in, we can help. Call the hospital and ask to speak with Drs Beard and Moneyhun. They can help guide you with the best care of your small mammal, ZooMED or pocket pet.

ZooMED Animal Medicine, also known as Zoological Companion Medicine (ZooMED), is the medical care and treatment of zoological companion patients, or ZooMED. This is a discipline that requires a broad and extensive depth of knowledge.

Our team treats the following ZooMED pets; small mammals, pocket pets, reptiles and birds.

We understand that zoological companion patients are unique and delicate. Their anatomy, physiology, and behavior is vastly different from dogs and cats yet they require the same amount of expertise and care. Our team is well prepared with the skills needed to diagnose and treat your pet. Our facility is also equipped with specialized technology to meet your pet’s unique needs, while keeping your special friend safe and comfortable.

Yearly wellness examinations are strongly recommended for all zoological companion patients. Unlike dogs and cats, zoological companion animals instinctively hide their symptoms of illness as long as possible. This means that just because they look healthy doesn't mean that they actually are. The yearly wellness examination is an opportunity to review care and husbandry requirements and to detect possible problems early in an effort to treat health conditions before they become advanced.