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Andrew Miller
Associate Veterinarian DVM

Dr. Miller grew up in Northern Michigan on a small family farm surrounded by dogs, cats, and horses. His early interest in wildlife conservation was first sparked when he became fascinated with the circumstances surrounding the reintroduction of the Gray Wolf into Yellowstone National Park. These interests first took him to Indiana, where he earned an undergraduate degree in Wildlife Science at Purdue University while working with wild canid species at an organization focused on wildlife education. His work with Gray Wolves eventually led him to publish on wolf dog crosses with a colleague, which he developed into an opportunity to work with community leaders discussing and developing regulations for ownership and management of these unusual animals. His consulting opportunities eventually brought him to the RTP area, and so appreciated his time here that he decided to call it home. 

As he developed a parallel interest in veterinary medicine, he completed an undergraduate degree from NC State University in Animal Science, and went on to earn a DVM from the NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine as well. Dr. Miller enjoys working with a wide variety of animals, having an interest in zoo and exotic companion species in addition to dogs and cats. His veterinary interests include nutrition, behavior, anesthesia, and emergency medicine. 

Dr. Miller currently lives in Hillsborough with his partner and one big, very goofy rescue German Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix dog named Batou. In his free time, Dr. Miller enjoys exploring the outdoors of North Carolina hiking, camping, and mountain biking. Having grown up in Michigan, he also has an affinity for snow and has been known to travel when possible to get some skiing in.


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