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Please contact us to find out more about referring patients.

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Overnight Monitoring Packages
We offer Overnight Monitoring Packages for referring veterinary practices in an effort to provide continuity of care for your patients from the time your practice closes until it opens again. Our hospital's technical staff will monitor your stable patients and administer medications according to your treatment plan.

The following guidelines should be used when referring a patient for overnight monitoring.

Your patient must be clinically stable which means:

  • Routine uncomplicated postoperative monitoring is required
  • The patient has a clinically stable disease, already diagnosed by you, which requires simple physiological monitoring (TPR) overnight
  • The patient does not need laboratory tests while in our care (all additional tests will be charged for separately, if requested)
  • Your patient will be transferred back to you for further care or discharge unless the patient comes with written discharge instructions and medications already scripted to go home.

To arrange for Overnight Monitoring for your patient, please download and complete the Overnight Monitoring Referral Form and call our hospital at 916-362-3111 for further instructions prior to transferring your patient.

Outpatient Ultrasounds
Our Board Certified Radiologists are available for Outpatient Ultrasound appointments. They will complete a full ultrasound and written report and return that to your office immediately. If further referral or diagnostics are recommended, our radiologists will contact your office right away. Please call our office to make an appointment for your client.