• Purpose-fueled, dynamic career and development opportunities sit at the center of VCA’s Career Progression Program for Associates
  • VCA recognizes and celebrates the critical role these Associates play with a clear, unified view of where their careers can go

LOS ANGELES – Empowered to care. Free to innovate. Resourced to grow. VCA Animal Hospitals, the global leader of comprehensive veterinary services and part of Mars Veterinary Health, has launched a comprehensive career progression program for its Associates, supporting 14,000 credentialed veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants in road-mapping their careers in veterinary medicine. Grounded in competency-based career levels, clear job descriptions and robust development programs, the new Career Progression Program kick-starts career growth of VCA’s teams across the U.S. and builds a strong foundation for future veterinary medicine talent. 

“Our Associates deliver the very best in care for our patients every day. We want to provide an environment that supports them in their career journey and in bringing their purpose to life - in their own, authentic way,” said Carolyn Spivock, RVT, VCA’s Senior Director of Patient Care Associates. “This program is designed to speak to that passion – to help our Credentialed Veterinary Technicians and Assistants grow in their knowledge and clinical expertise and create a career in veterinary medicine that is meaningful and fulfilling to them.” Carolyn represents VCA’s 15 Regional Technician Directors, field-level leadership roles designed to elevate technicians within the organization that was launched in March 2020.

Jessica Sewell, BAS CVT LVT LVMT RVT CPhT, National Career Progression Director at VCA Animal Hospitals added: “we have a professional responsibility as Credentialed Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistants to reflect and decide what ignites our passion within the field of veterinary medicine, and what we want to do with the knowledge, competencies and talent we have. No one else can do that for us, and no one should dictate that to us, which is why it is critical that we do not set limits on the next steps within career paths,” she said. “There are endless career paths to follow at VCA, making anything possible; even if it doesn’t currently exist, the entrepreneurial spirit that is a part of VCA’s culture can bring it to life.” 

Not all hospitals and positions are exactly alike, however most follow similar patterns and require similar skills. A multi-disciplinary team including VCA’s Chief Medical Officer, National Technician Leaders and Regional Technician Directors, numerous Credentialed Veterinary Technicians and Assistants, and the U.S. Operations members of the Knowledge & Capabilities team within the People and Organization function examined previous development programming, available materials, new tools, and improved ways of working to bring to life this fit-for-purpose program across VCA’s U.S. hospitals. The program will extend to Canada in the future.

“The Career Progression Program identifies our talent landscape, establishes equity, and presents Credentialed Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistants with transparent, clinical career paths. The program is available by choice, meeting VCA Associates where they are, and empowering our Associates to take their careers where they want them to go,” added Sewell.

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