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Karolina Ferreira, Staff Veterinarian


Dr. Karolina Ferreira was born and raised in a small village in Northeast Poland. Growing up on a farm surrounded by livestock animals, she was used to caring for animals. She realized she wanted to become a Veterinarian when she was very young and saw this “magical man wearing a white coat curing her very sick family dog.”

Dr. Ferreira attended Veterinary School in Poland. At the age of 22, she moved to the United States and finished her education because of how advanced the veterinary medicine is in the US. Because of the differences, Dr. Ferreira had to start over at Georgia State University in Atlanta. She finished Veterinary School Suma Cum Laude at the University of Georgia in Athens.

Outside of work, Dr. Ferreira enjoys hiking, running, camping, fishing and snowboarding. She moved to Utah with her husband, William, 9-year-old Black Lab, Lola, and 9-year-old Pit Bull mix Hoffa.

Dr. Ferreira looks forward to living in an area of the country with 4 seasons, especially a white Christmas and all the outdoor activities Utah has to offer. Dr. Ferreira enjoys animal dentistry and would like to get trained in advanced crown restorations for working dogs, such as police dogs. She also speaks fluent Polish.

Dr. Ferreira looks forward to the collaborative work environment and practicing the highest quality medicine possible at VCA Willow Creek Pet Center.

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