Primary Care

Video Otoscopy

At VCA Central Kitsap Animal Hospital we offer Video Otoscopy.  

Video Otoscopy uses a specialized fiberoptic otoscope to provide a detailed, magnified image of the external ear canal and eardrum of dogs and cats.  The image is superior to that which we can obtain with a traditional otoscope.  Additionally, the equipment allows for a careful and thorough cleaning of debris and infection deep in the ear canal and minimizes risk due to the excellent visualization of the ear canal and tympanic membrane during the irrigation procedure.  Instruments may be passed through the otoscope and used to obtain tissue and fluid samples and to remove debris and foreign material.  

Video Otoscopy may be performed in an awake patient in most cases, allowing us to share a detailed view of your pet's ear canal and document the condition of the ear before and after treatment.  Irrigation, biopsies and other procedures are performed with sedation or anesthesia.  

Signs of an ear problem in dogs and cats may include pawing or rubbing at the ear, head-shaking, a head tilt, a foul odor from the ear, redness and/or swelling of the ear flap, and crying when the head or ear is touched.