Tailor your pet’s shampoo to their skin care needs

  tailor pet shampoo

So many shampoos are available for pets these days that choosing a shampoo can become a rather confusing task. Let us help demystify the options so you can choose the best shampoo for your pet.

Your first step to narrowing down your shampoo list is to use only a dermatologist-formulated, soap-free brand of shampoo. You should avoid regular soapy shampoos because they wash away not just dirt but also your pet’s natural skin barrier, making their skin dry, itchy and uncomfortable.

Instead of soap, some shampoos contain cleansers that respect and restore the skin’s natural moisture balance. Consequently, these shampoos don’t just clean (and smell great!), they soothe, protect and help maintain your pet’s skin health.

Because every pet’s skin is different, your next step is to select the shampoo that best fits your pet’s needs.

It is important to remember that any of these skin conditions can be caused by an underlying problem. For example, itchiness can be sparked by fleas or allergies; dry skin is commonly seen with hypothyroidism. Along with soothing your pet’s symptoms with these shampoos, always work with your veterinarian to figure out the root cause of your pet’s skin condition.

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