A three-legged life is all Stewart the dog has ever known after being hit by a car as a puppy and rescued by Katey and Ken where he now shines brightly in their world.

A challenge easily overcome

Katey Hrovat, a veterinary technician supervisor and referral specialist at VCA Great Lakes Veterinary Specialists in Warrensville Heights, Ohio, which provides emergency and specialty care, was working one evening when a 4-month puppy was brought in with multiple fractures on his right rear leg after being hit by a car.

“His leg was severely broken—an open fracture that required his leg to be amputated,” explains Katey. “However, we couldn’t operate on him right away because we had to wait 72 hours after serving the clients with an abandonment letter. He was given pain meds during this time, which helped him walk. Despite the wait, just two to three hours after he came in that night, he was loving on every person in the hospital—he was just so happy to be alive with a second chance at life!” 

Stewart made an amazing recovery with no complications as a result of the incision.
And, just three hours after his surgery, it was like nothing had happened to him. He walked himself into the doctors' offices wagging his tail to give everyone kisses of thanks! “He was already used to walking on three legs before the surgery so this was no different for him,” notes Katey.

A high-energy bundle of love

Instantly falling in love with this puppy, Katey called her partner Ken and told him he needed to come into the hospital and meet this amazing dog who they believe is a German shepherd/Doberman mix.

“Katey called me at home and said there’s a little boy you need to meet,” says Ken. “Stewart and I first made eye contact. Then he sat in my lap and looked up at me. I knew right then that this was going to be my dog.”

Stewart became a member of Katey and Ken’s family immediately and easily bonded with his older dog sibling, Jean, at their home in Boston Heights, Ohio, located north of Akron.
Their three-legged love

“I always wanted a dog named Stewart,” reflects Katey. “We don’t have children, and we think of Stewart as our child, and we even did a Facebook post on his adoption. For the first week, I wondered if he could do steps, so I always carried him in and out of the house. Then one day, I left the door open and he easily ran into the house on his own!”

Ken and Katey feel Stewart has a better life than most animals. Stewart means the world to them. When they first brought him home, Ken was working nights as a police officer so he was at home with Stewart when Katey worked days at the hospital.  When Ken switched to second shift, he put up a camera so they could check on Stewart when he was alone. They discovered that he just sleeps all day!

“He loves to run, but he does get tired,” says Ken. “We can tell when he’s ready to rest because he starts hopping around slowly. Then we give him a massage and carry him in for rest. He sleeps for about 4 hours and then it’s like a switch turns on and he’s back in action.”

Stewart is a big fan of snow and water. “Snow is his favorite though," according to Katey. “He gets so excited to play in it—even with three legs. He also loves to go swimming, but at first he swam in circles. However, Stewart learned quickly how to compensate for his lost leg by paddling his back leg in circles so he could move forward.”

Katey says no one should feel sorry for Stewart because he's such a happy, playful and spoiled dog—missing a leg does not hold this pup back! He adores playing with large and small dogs alike. And she says he’s the cutest, gentlest little guy that will absolutely steal your heart.
“Katey says no one should feel sorry for Stewart because he's such a happy, playful and spoiled dog—missing a leg does not hold this pup back!”