Preventive Care

Senior Wellness Packages

Older pets have different needs. Just like humans, as pets enter their “golden years” they become more likely to face a variety of age-related conditions and/or diseases. Some common examples include arthritis, diabetes, dental problems, heart disease, cancer, organ failure, reduced vision and hearing loss. And because pets age more rapidly than humans, these diseases can become serious much more quickly.

Fortunately, significant advancements in veterinary medicine have made it possible for pets to live longer than ever before. The onset and progression of these illnesses can often be delayed or halted if caught early enough. That is why regular veterinary examinations are an important part of maintaining a lifetime of good health.

We recommend pets come in for an exam and laboratory testing every six months beginning at age 7 – even if they do not show any symptoms of illness. Changes in your pet’s well-being can be rapid and subtle. The first visit will establish a baseline by which future exam/test results can be measured, and any noticeable differences can be addressed. The sooner underlying health issues are found, the easier they are to effectively treat.

Veterinary Specialists of CT offers senior wellness packages that make it both easy and affordable to manage your senior pet’s different health requirements:

Our SILVER package includes:

  • A comprehensive exam and blood work focused on Early Disease Detection
  • Testing for heartworm and tick-borne diseases such as ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis and Lyme disease (canine) or feline leukemia/feline immunodeficiency virus testing (feline), as well as intestinal parasite testing
  • A “mani/pedi” (nail trim)
  • A six-month exam (biannual exams are recommended for pets aged 7 and older)

Our GOLD package includes all of the above as well as diagnostic abdominal and chest x-rays. Call us for more information.