Emergency Critical Care

Intermittant Hemodialysis

Our Critical Care Department offers hemodialysis for the management of acute kidney injury and some autoimmune disorders. The kidneys have many roles, including filtering waste products, drugs, and toxins out of the body. When the kidneys fail these normal waste products build up to toxic levels. Intravenous fluids may help flush these toxins out of the body, but when this type of medical management is unsuccessful, dialysis is indicated to help remove these toxins. For acute kidney failure dialysis is used to allow the kidneys to recover function, or until it becomes clear that the kidneys are not going to heal. Hemoperfusion utilizes a machine to filter toxins from the blood. Therapeutic Plasma Exchanges is used to remove the plasma containing toxins or damaging antibodies, and replaces it with fresh plasma. Our Critical Care Specialists will perform an evaluation and determine the best dialysis treatment plan for your pet.