Primary Care

In-House Laboratory

Our in-house diagnostic facilities include urinalysis, cytology (ear swabs, urine, blood, skin, etc), fine needle aspirates, skin scrapings, and fecal analysis.

Our analyzers offer:

  • Two-minute run time on complete blood count and 8-min run time on serum biochemistry
  • Real-time answers allow us to share results and recommendations with you, face-to-face, while minimizing time.
  • More complete medical information
  • We are able to run multiple samples simultaneously and we can run up to 25 tests on a single sample

What is a SNAP test, you may ask? A small blood sample is combined with antibody “linked” to an enzyme. If antigen is present in the blood sample, an enzyme-antibody-antigen complex is formed. This reaction forms blue dots in the device for easy reading of positive results. Combined with the SNAPshot Analyzer, there is elimination of human subjectivity in reading results. We currently offer the SNAP Total T4 test to screen for hyperthyroidism and presumptive hypothyroidism. We are also able to quickly monitor current medication efficacy.

Urinalysis is performed by using urine test strips, in which the test results are read as color changes. Presence or absence of specific cells (white blood cells, red blood cells), proteins, glucose, bilirubin, and ketones give us more information for diagnosing specific diseases. For more specific (quantitative) test results, we have a close relationship with a diagnostic laboratory that will return results within 24 hours.

Cytology consists of taking a sample (urine, blood, skin, ear swab), placing it on a slide, using a stain to help differentiate cells utilizing a microscope and making a diagnostic interpretation. If there is any question as to the interpretation, we send our slides out for review by a board certified clinical pathologist.