Primary Care

Full Diagnostics

VCA All Animal Hospital of Orange Park is fully equipped to support your pet’s care with the most advanced diagnostic tools and technology. Prompt, accurate testing can make a real difference in the diagnosis and treatment of pet health issues. Our on-site laboratory and testing equipment ensure that your pet is in good hands if special medical attention is required.

Some of the tools and technology available at VCA All Animal Hospital of Orange Park include:

  • Lab services—We provide complete blood work and blood panel services including blood chemistry, hematology, cytology, urinalysis, urine culture, fecal exams, and electrolyte analysis. For more complex medical testing, we work with a trusted outside laboratory that provides fast, expert results.
  • Digital radiography—The new standard in radiography technology, digital images provide extremely high-quality images of your pet, which are helpful in seeing masses, tumors, and obstructions, as well as detecting pregnancies, arthritis, and more.
  • Ultrasonography—Along with digital radiography, ultrasonography enables our veterinarians to see your pet’s internal organs in a detailed and non-invasive manner. Veterinary ultrasonography is helpful in detecting problems with the kidneys, heart, and lungs, as well as diagnosing liver disease and assessing tumors.
  • EKG—Electrocardiogram is a simple test we may recommend to help pinpoint heart abnormalities in your pet. The test is painless and can often be done while you wait.

Our sophisticated diagnostic capabilities are an important ingredient in the care and treatment of your pet. We are always striving to offer the most advanced tools and expertise so that your pet receives the finest care possible at our Orange Park, Florida, clinic.