Preventive Care


Vaccinations—An important part of ensuring your new pet’s good health is administering the right vaccinations so that he or she stays healthy and active for years to come.

Dogs will receive the following core vaccinations:

  • DHP/PV—Protects against distemper, adenovirus, and parvovirus. These diseases can be fatal so it is important to give your dog this vaccination. Puppies receive these shots in a series, while adult dogs get a booster every three years.
  • Rabies—Required by law, puppies receive a one-year rabies vaccine, with a subsequent booster every three years.
  • Bordatella—Sometimes called kennel cough, this vaccine prevents the spread of infectious tracheobronchitis. This is especially important for dogs that are routinely exposed to other neighborhood dogs, whether at the park, the groomer, or a kennel.
  • New pet advice—When you bring your puppy to our clinic for the first time, we will take extra time to advise you about good pet nutrition and discuss behavioral issues that often arise with young pets. We can help you with questions about housebreaking, teething, and more.

If you would like more detailed behavioral advice and/or training, we are pleased to refer our clients to our expert obedience trainer in Fleming Island. Dr. Lowry is a wonderful resource to owners of pets of all ages.

New kittens will receive the following core vaccinations:

  • Feline distemper—Kittens with no history of vaccination should receive two vaccinations, two to four weeks apart, starting at eight weeks of age. After these initial vaccines, a booster is given every three years.
  • Feline leukemia—Starting at 10 weeks of age, kittens should receive two vaccinations, two to four weeks apart. Cats who go outdoors or who come in contact with other cats should also receive boosters every year.
  • Rabies—Required by law, kittens receive a one-year rabies vaccine at 12 weeks of age, with a subsequent booster every year.
  • New pet advice—Bringing a new kitten into your home can be wonderful and challenging at the same time. We are here to answer any questions you have about pet nutrition, behavior, litter box training, and more.