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VCA Deer Creek Hospital Treats Pet Heart Disease

If your pet has been diagnosed with a heart condition or one is suspected, you can take comfort in knowing VCA Deer Creek has the experience to address the condition. Dr. Daniel Brod, one of the founding partners of VCA Deer Creek, has a special interest in cardiology.

Additionally, the hospital has the sophisticated diagnostic equipment necessary for cardiac evaluation and treatment. We utilize electrocardiology (ECG), which studies the electrical rhythm of the heart, and echocardiography, which is an ultrasound of the heart, demonstrating its overall function. Cardiac ultrasound is a noninvasive way to “look” inside the heart, measure the motion and sizes of the chambers and thickness of the wall, and analyze the blood flow.

Our services include diagnostic procedures for cardiovascular disease, as well as certain cardiac surgeries and medical (drug and dietary) management of heart disease in cats and dogs.

What is heart disease?
Heart or cardiovascular disease is any condition of the heart or blood vessels that impairs the normal function of the heart and affects the delivery of oxygenated blood to the body. There are many types of heart disease in pets. That is why diagnosis is important. We will want an accurate diagnosis of the type of heart disease that is present, so that treatment options and prognosis can be discussed.

How do I know if my pet has heart disease?
In early stages or less serious conditions, heart disease can go unnoticed. Sometimes our veterinarians will detect the presence of heart disease through regular physical examination before symptoms occur. For example, we may pick up a heart murmur. In more advanced conditions, signs of heart disease can include activity or exercise intolerance, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, restless during sleep, coughing (in dogs), or fainting.

How serious is heart disease?
Although heart disease can be very serious, with early diagnosis and treatment, many conditions can be managed. Many cardiac patients have a good quality of life and an extended life span. Together, we will work to understand your pet’s condition and decide how to best manage it.

Do not hesitate to call us if you have questions about your pet’s cardiac care or if you need to schedule a follow-up.