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Euthanasia Services

Supportive End-of-Life Pet Care

Sadly, all pets reach the end of life, and the professionals at Deer Creek Animal Hospital support owners and families at this difficult time. Whether end of life comes after many long and happy years, or suddenly from illness or injury, our compassionate staff provides a high standard of care to meet the individual needs of each patient.

Help With Difficult Medical Decisions
As veterinary professionals, we are committed to easing end-of-life decisions and helping to determine what is best for you and your pet. When difficult choices need to be made, we help owners to explore available options. Many factors will go into the evaluation of a pet’s quality of life and how to best manage end-of-life care.

Compassionate Euthanasia
Although we are dedicated to giving your animal companion the longest, healthiest life possible, there may come a point when it’s time to say goodbye. It may be that a pet has suffered a severe trauma, is aging, or has a terminal or debilitating condition that robs the animal of a good quality of life. If that time comes, we will consult with you as a pet owner to decide if compassionate euthanasia is warranted. The process is quick, peaceful, and painless. We can also help with body care and other final decisions.

Pet Owner Support
For information before, during, and after the passing of your animal companion, we offer resources such as our pet loss library and Euthanasia, The Guide for Loving Pet Owners.

Please contact any member of the Deer Creek staff to discuss your needs during this difficult time.