Advanced Care


At VCA VCA Deer Creek Animal Hospital, we routinely check your pet’s eyes during his or her wellness visits and can address a variety of eye conditions.

Address Eye Problems Promptly
If you suspect your pet has any eye issues, please seek treatment immediately. Eye problems can be tricky, and the severity of the condition is not something that can be picked up by the naked or untrained eye. Delays in addressing eye problems may result in more serious conditions or even blindness.

What to Look For

  • Cat or dog is pawing at their eye area
  • Discharge from the eye(s)
  • Change in lid appearance (swelling or color of inner lids)
  • Change in eye color or cloudiness in the eye
  • Eye(s) that are tearing or appear irritated
  • Squinting

While physical injuries to your pet’s eyes are obvious and will alert you to seek veterinary medical assistance, eye diseases or infections are not always as obvious. That is why eye exams at wellness appointments are so important.

Types of Eye Conditions
Eye injuries are not uncommon and might occur from normal, everyday activities. Scratched corneas, for example, may result from a brush against vegetation or roughhousing with a frisky cat. Eye infections can be another common problem, which can usually be treated with medication prescribed by your veterinarian.

Now and again a pet can have an eye abnormality. Some pets have inverted eyelids or extra eyelashes that grow on the inner surface of the eyelid. Cherry eye, where the gland of the third eyelid protrudes, is another common and painful condition. All of these conditions can be treated at VCA VCA Deer Creek Animal Hospital, usually involving a minor surgery in which your pet can go home the same day.

Cats and dogs may experience eye problems as they age. Just like elderly humans, senior pets are vulnerable to glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal degeneration. Diseases or conditions like cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes can affect a pet’s eyes. These types of eye problems can be detected at wellness exams, and we will discuss various treatment options with you to decide the best course of action.

In many cases, VCA VCA Deer Creek can resolve eye problems by simply flushing the eyes and prescribing the right medication. For some of the conditions described above, we can perform minor surgery. However, if the issue is more serious or complex (glaucoma, cataracts, or retinal detachments as examples) we will refer you to a specialist in veterinary ophthalmology.

Please call us today if you have any concerns about your pet’s eyes.