Advanced Care

Stem Cell Therapy

At IVS we are always striving to be on the cutting edge of medicine. Stem cell therapy is now being used in research studies for a variety of different diseases- oral inflammation, arthritis, disc/back disease, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. Imagine what stem cells will treat in 5, or 10 years!

The Process:
If your pet has a condition that could benefit from stem cell therapy, a small surgical procedure is performed at our hospital. Through a small incision, a fatty ligament is harvested and shipped out to San Diego for processing. Two days later, sterile syringes filled with your pet’s own stem cells arrive at our hospital and are injected into your pet (sometimes into a joint, near a site of inflammation, or into the vein).

Your pet’s stem cells are kept at a facility in San Diego for the lifetime of your pet. This means that your pet now has an unlimited supply of stem cells for the rest of his/her life!