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Pet Loss Support

For many pet lovers, losing a beloved pet is one of the most heartbreaking experiences they will ever face. Feelings of denial, loneliness, depression and anger are common. Friends and family may try to be supportive, but after a while they cease to understand why the bereaved pet owner does not just get over it and move on. Talking to someone who understands the anguish that a companion animals’ passing can create may be an important part of the grieving process. In addition, information about the process can be very helpful to those in need.

The staff of IVS is available to help clients through the process of pet loss, whether it be to discuss euthanasia, home hospice care, or ways to help through the period following pet loss. We invite clients to call us and request a wide range of hospital books, brochures, and other support materials.

Ellie Freedman
(949) 315-5616

Andrea Keith
(949) 650-2442
(714) 308-0288