Asthma - Treatment Instructions for Cats

By Malcolm Weir, DVM, MSc, MPH; Ernest Ward, DVM

Your cat has been diagnosed with feline asthma and will require long-term medication for this condition, possibly for life. It is important that you follow the treatment instructions that have been determined specifically for your cat.

___ 1) Your cat was given an injection of corticosteroids. Relief should be apparent within 12-24 hours. If an increase in water consumption or urination occurs, please inform us for future reference. These side effects are common with steroid administration and will go away in a few days without treatment. Long-term use of corticosteroids in cats may lead to serious side effects.

___ 2) Your cat has been prescribed an inhalant medication. This medication is a: ___ corticosteroid  ___ bronchodilator

Administer _____________________________________________________________ every ____ hours / days.

___ 3) Your cat has been prescribed oral corticosteroids. The specific drug dispensed for your cat is labeled on the bottle.

Give _____ tablet(s) of_______________________________________ every _____ hours. *Report any increase in water consumption to us at once.

___ 4) The oral corticosteroids prescribed for your cat will require a dose adjustment to reach the minimum effective dose. Once symptoms are under control, consult a veterinarian for specific instructions on how to do this. Write these instructions down in the space provided below:

___ 5) Your cat has been prescribed oral bronchodilators. The specific drug dispensed for your cat is labeled on the bottle.

Give _____ tablet(s) of____________________________________ every _____ hours.

___ 6) Bring your cat in for a re-check examination in _________days / weeks.

Return for further examination when the first signs of respiratory distress or noisy breathing return. If your cat has a respiratory emergency, seek veterinary attention immediately. If it is after hours, contact:

Clinic: _________________________________________ Phone Number: _________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________

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