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Asthma - Treatment Instructions for Cats

By Ernest Ward, DVM

Medical Conditions, Treatment, Pet Services

Asthma – Treatment Instructions for Cats

Your cat has been diagnosed with feline asthma, and will require long-term medication for this condition, possibly for life. It is important that you follow the appropriate instructions for this treatment. The instructions that are specific for your cat have been checked:

___ 1) Your cat was given an injection of corticosteroids. Relief should be apparent within 12-24 hours. If an increase in water consumption or urination occurs, please inform us for future reference. These side effects are common with steroid administration and will go away in a few days without treatment. Long-term use of corticosteroids in cats may lead to serious side effects.

___ 2) Return for further evaluation when the first signs of respiratory distress or noisy breathing returns.

___ 3) Your cat has been an inhaled medication. Administer ______________________________________

____________________________________________________________ every _______________ hours / days.

___ 4) Your cat has been prescribed oral corticosteroids. The specific drug being dispensed for your cat is labeled on the bottle. Give the tablets as directed:

Give _____ tablet(s) of_______________________________________ every _____ hours. Report any increase in water consumption to us at once.

___ 5) The oral corticosteroids prescribed for your cat will require a dose adjustment to reach the minimum effective dose. Once symptoms are under control, call your veterinarian for specific instructions on how to do this. Write these instructions down in the space provided below:


___ 6) Your cat has been prescribed oral bronchodilators. The specific drug being dispensed for your cat is labeled on the bottle.

Give _____ tablet(s) of____________________________________ every _____ hours.

___ 7) Return for follow-up appointment and re-check examination in ______________ days / weeks.

In the event your cat has a respiratory emergency, seek the assistance of a veterinarian immediately.

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