VCA Misener-Holley Animal Hospital

Our Story

At VCA Misener-Holley Animal Hospital we help dogs and cats live long, healthy and happy lives. We deliver the best medical care for pets and the best experience for pet owners.

Located in Chicago and serving surrounding communities, our veterinarians, technicians and pet-friendly support staff are trained to the highest standards. Their thorough knowledge of the latest procedures and medicines ensures that our patients receive the best in preventive and healing care.

Hometown Care at VCA Misener-Holley Animal Hospital

Welcome to VCA Misener-Holley Animal Hospital, one of Chicago's oldest and best-established veterinary clinics! Our hospital offers dedicated veterinary care for dogs and cats. Our committed staff works very hard to accommodate every wish of our respected clients. We strive to improve the health of our sick and elderly patients, and we do our best to keep our healthy pets in the best possible condition for many years to come. Se Habla Espanol!!

Our doctors offer their expertise in branches of internal medicine, senior health, soft tissue surgery, imaging, wellness, as well as general dentistry, dermatology, ophthalmology, and more.

Our practice features separate waiting rooms for dogs and cats, a large front desk area, five examination rooms, a surgery suite, digital X-ray, and ultrasound, among other things. 

Local Medical Issues

Vaccines greatly reduce the risk of contracting certain diseases. Our core vaccine recommendations include a rabies vaccine, which is required by law for dogs and cats. Cats should receive a yearly combined Feline Rhinotracheitis-Calici-Panleucopenia-Chlamydia Psittaci vaccine. Dogs should receive a yearly vaccine for Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus. Additionally, most dogs should be vaccinated for kennel cough (Bordetella), which is a respiratory disease spread between dogs by aerosols.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that is found in most animals, including wildlife like deer, raccoons, opossums, rats, and other rodents. The bacteria are passed via urine into water sources like moist soils, stagnant water, and lakes. Your dog could become infected by drinking, swimming in, or walking through contaminated water. Lepto is prevalent in rural, suburban, and urbanized areas, and cases have been reported in Northern Chicago suburbs within the last years. Lepto is a contagious disease and can be transmitted from dog to dog. People can contract the disease as well. We recommend to our clients to vaccinate your dogs for leptospirosis.

Other vaccines are available, according to your pet's lifestyle, and include a Feline Leukemia vaccine (mainly for outdoor cats), a canine vaccine for the protection from Lyme disease, a dental vaccine, and more.

Both dogs and cats benefit from yearly fecal exams, which can reveal underlying intestinal parasite infections. Please remember to bring a stool sample on your yearly visit to the vet. More frequent fecal exams are advised for pets that live in households with children or immunosuppressed persons, since some parasites can be transmitted to humans. Fecal exams are also advised for any pet that experiences diarrhea.

Accreditations & Affiliations
Fear Free logo
Fear Free Certified Professional

As veterinary professionals, we know that the stress and anxiety associated with taking a pet to the veterinarian is a significant reason why pets don't always receive the medical attention they need. Fear Free℠ veterinary visits reduce feelings of stress, resulting in a better experience for all involved, including pets, owners, and veterinary health care teams. Having a Fear Free℠ Certified Professional can help alleviate your pet's fear, anxiety, and stress when visiting our hospital.

Low-Stress Handling Certified logo
Low Stress Handling Professionals

As a Low Stress Handling™ certified practice, our goal is to recognize fear and anxiety in our patients. We use techniques to meet your pet's need for mental and physical comfort while in our hospital, and adjust our handling and medical treatments to help reduce their stress. We are always working to give your pet the best medical care with the least amount of stress possible. We are proud to be a Low Stress Handling™ certified animal hospital. We hold ourselves to a higher standard of care and help make your pet's veterinary visits more enjoyable.