“Various veterinary clinics have reported an increase in cases of canine respiratory illness in some states, ranging from mild upper respiratory signs to severe pneumonia. While the specific cause is currently unknown, diagnostic testing is underway. 

As with any contagious illness, we recommend all dog owners partner with their veterinarian to ensure pets are currently on respiratory disease vaccines and limit exposure to other dogs if there is a known outbreak in your area. If a dog is exhibiting symptoms such as excessive coughing, labored breathing, significant lethargy, or loss of appetite, call your veterinarian immediately.

Pet health and the wellbeing of pets is our highest priority, and at times like this, prevention in partnership with your veterinarian can go a long way.”

Silene St. Bernard, DVM, DACVPM, Regional Medical Director, VCA Animal Hospitals

Canine Respiratory Illness Signs & Symptoms

Canine Respiratory Illness - Signs and Symptoms

Canine Respiratory Illness - If You Notice Signs