Sara Nichols
Staff Veterinarian DVM

In The Field Since:

B.A. Zoology, North Dakota State University, 1987
M.S. Wildlife Ecology, UW Madison, 1994
D.V.M. UW Madison, 1997
Emergency and Critical Care veterinarian, 1999
Clinical instructor in Anesthesia at UW Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital 1997-1999

I enjoy working in small animal emergency and critical care for so many reasons, but ultimately to help pets who really do need more intensive care. I feel we can provide the next level of treatments for those patients that require 24 hour hospitalized care, or even emergency surgery. In the past, these pets would have to be at home until their veterinarian is available the next day or Monday morning after a weekend. We are fortunate to work in a community of veterinarians that see us as a collaborative partner in the care of their patients.