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Here is How Microchipping Works

Our hospital offers the Home Again Microchip System. Home Again is a leader in the microchip industry and offers premium products. A microchip is a tiny computer chip, about the size of a grain of rice; that is pre-programmed with an individualized identification number. The microchip is encased in biocompatible glass that is small enough to fit through a hypodermic needle. Microchipping is as simple as giving a vaccine, and does not require anything more than a trip to the vet. The chip is placed just under the skin up near the shoulders. This can be done anytime, at any age, and requires no anesthesia. Big dogs, small dogs, even cats can receive a microchip. Once the chip is in place we scan your pet to check the chip placement. Our hospital will register your pet in the national registry. In the event that your pet is lost, a phone call to Home Again will activate a network of recovery specialists, who will alert local clinics, rescue groups, and volunteers who will be on the lookout for your pet. You will receive a list of local shelters to help you start looking for your pet. Home Again will also create a Lost Pet Poster that you can print and post. If your pet is picked up by Animal Control, or just a good samaritan any shelter or clinic can scan for a microchip, and then contact the appropriate registry, you will then be contacted and arrangements will be made to reunite you with your pet

Your Questions Answered!

Q: Will having a microchip implanted hurt my pet?
A: Implanting a microchip is kind of like giving a vaccine, no anesthetic is needed. It takes only a few seconds to implant the chip.

Q: My pet wears a collar with tags; does he still need a microchip?
A: Yes! Collars and tags are easily lost or removed. A microchip is a permanent source of identification.

Q: Do cats need to be microchipped too?
A: Yes! Dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, and ages can be microchipped, we recommend it for ALL our pets.

Q: Can anyone get my information from the microchip? What if I move?
A: No, your information is in a database, not stored on the microchip, so the chip must be scanned, and the number called into the company, who will then contact you. You can change or update your information at any time at no charge.

Q: Is it expensive to microchip my pet?
A: No! For $39.99 we will implant and register the chip.