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Veterinary Assistant

Rhiannon (aka Rhi), a born and raised Jersey girl, moved to Colorado in 2021. She has been loving the mountains and her newfound friends! Prior to moving, Rhi was a Veterinarian Assistant at a small town vet clinic and participated in several community activities including volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation facility and spending nearly 3,000 hours on call as an EMT. Now settled into Colorado, she enjoys going up to Estes Park with her boyfriend, and coming home to her two cats: Atticus (Tiny God) and Artemis (Princess Chaos). Her hobbies include reading, writing, jigsaw puzzles, astronomy and she LOVES Halloween. Rhi is in the process of obtaining her Bachelor's in Natural Resources with a focus on Fish and Wildlife Conservation at Oregon State University. Soon she hopes to help to world, but until then, her goal is to make sure your pets feel safe and loved.

Veterinarian Support

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