Pet Boarding

Please download VCA Sawmill's Canine Boarding Check-In Form. We encourage you to fill this out prior to arriving for your boarding reservation so that we can assist you in a quicker drop off of your pet as well as have all of your information and requests handy.

Please read the below instructions before beginning.

The form can be delivered to us in 3 ways:

  1. You can print it out, fill it in by hand, and fax it to us at 614-766-2470.
  2. You can download the form and type in all the sections with your computer. Once you have finished, please print it out, and fax it to us at 614-766-2470. Please also bring a copy with you upon arrival just in case our fax did not come through. We do not want you to have to redo it.
  3. For our more advanced users, you may fill it out on your computer, save it, and e-mail it to us at [email protected]. We strongly suggest you ALWAYS print it out prior to saving it and trying to email it. There have been instances where, depending on the program you use to fill the form out, it is blank once you reopen it. If this is the case, you can fax us the copy you printed out once you were finished. Again, we do not wish for you to have to redo it.

Please be sure to call us with any questions!

Available Services
  • Our hospital offers cat boarding you can trust while you are away. Boarding at our facility is ideal, because we tend to the needs of each specific cat, including those with conditions that require monitoring or medication. We will review your cat's vaccination history to make sure that everything is up to date before he or she boards with us.... Read more

  • If you have to be away and cannot take your companion with you, we are happy to care for them in our climate controlled boarding facilities. We have a variety of housing options to suit all types of pets. We strive to make sure every pet is comfortable, happy, and well cared for while you are away.... Read more

  • Our hospital offers daily exercise programs tailored for your dog. Not only is this a great way to enrich your dog's day with happy and meaningful activity, it also helps keep your dog fit and healthy. Please contact our staff and veterinarians to find out if daily exercise programs might be right for your dog.... Read more

  • When you’re traveling and can’t take your dog, you can trust our hospital to tend to the unique needs of your pet. Does your dog have a condition that requires extra monitoring or medication? Our attentive, compassionate kennel staff is trained to care for all types of dogs. In the event of a medical emergency, the close proximity to our hospital means that veterinary care is available if necessary.... Read more

  • In addition to short-term boarding, our hospital offers extended stay cat and dog boarding you can trust.  

    If you need to leave your pet over a longer period of time, we are happy to provide care and attention until you return. We recommend that you bring your pet's food and any special bedding or toys with them to make the boarding experience as stress-free as possible.... Read more