Pet Grooming

Services That We Specialize In

Sedated grooming, puppy grooms, express grooms, kitten and cat grooms, medicated baths, severe dematting, deshedding, nail dremeling, flea and tick removal, ear cleaning, sanitary shave, teeth brushing, ear plucking, eye cleaning, and more!


We can offer weekly, low cost appointments for pets who have a hard time at the groomers. Some animals need a little extra love. Whether that is due to anxiety or a past grooming experience that didn’t go well, we would love to work with them. During these appointments it’s our goal to gently earn your animals trust so they become comfortable in this environment and are able to be fully groomed.

Why Us?

Getting your dog groomed at a vet office is the safest place they can ever be groomed. With a staff of doctors and technicians on site, if your dog is ever hurt, sick, or overly stressed out, they will be taken care of immediately. Our grooming salon is calm and quiet, perfect for reactive dogs or cats. As a corporation, we have access to premium grooming equipment and shampoo ensuring your pet receives the best products on the market!