Topical Heartworm Prevention for Dogs and Cats

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Stop Deadly Heartworms With Topical Solutions

Help protect your dog or cat from heartworms with easy-to-apply topical heartworm prevention medication. Quality brands that you can trust include Advantage Multi® for dogs and Revolution® for cats, which help provide effective and long-term heartworm prevention so your pet can stay happy and healthy.


Frequently Asked Questions About Topical Heartworm Prevention

How does topical heartworm prevention work?

Containing active ingredients that effectively kill harmful larvae left by mosquitos, topical heartworm medications help prevent serious infections by building up a sufficient presence in the skin and sebaceous glands which help prevent future infections from ticks, fleas, and mosquitos.

What is the best way to prevent heartworms in dogs?

Through regular monthly use of topical heartworm prevention medications or, alternatively, heartworm chews and tablets, you can help your dog avoid the discomfort and pain caused by heartworms.

What are the first signs of heartworm in cats?

Typically, the first signs of heartworms in cats include coughing, vomiting blood or food, difficulty breathing, and gagging. While easy to mistake the above signs as symptoms of feline asthma, you should consult your veterinarian for heartworm testing and to discuss treatment options.

Do I need a prescription for heartworm medication?

Yes, a proper prescription for heartworm medication — including topical heartworm prevention medication — is required for both dogs and cats. For more information on effective heartworm medication or if you believe your pet has symptoms of heartworm, consult a veterinarian immediately.


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